Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bourjois or Rimmel which do you recommend?

Hi! Just wanted to ask which foundation brand do you guys think is better? I am currently using Bodyshop but want something cheaper please share your thoughts thanks!Bourjois or Rimmel which do you recommend?
Well i personally use Rimmel and i must say that it is very good. It keeps my face less oily and it keeps my face glowing.Bourjois or Rimmel which do you recommend?
I use collection 2000. it's a water based one and it really good.
Bourjois if you're pale! And rimmel for dark or olive skin.
I am like you I used the pricer brands but one day I went into the make up store ULTA and saw Rimmel was buy one get one free. I tried their double sided eyeliner/eyeshadow and fell in love with it. The eyeliner/shadow stayed on all day. I also now have tried their bronzers and their nude lipstick called birthday suit that I can't live without. I have also seen Rimmel get alot of good reviews in alot of the fashion magazines.

Hope this helps and good luck
ive never tried bourjois but i have tried many rimmel products and they're cheap but you get what you pay for.

the only thing i would recommend would be glam eyes mascara for a natural look.
Well, speaking for myself I'd say Rimmel.

1. I use it and if you get the liquid you get quite a lot.

2. It is really good and moisturzes your face


3. It has every skin colour you need.

All foundations are great but truly I have not used boujois so that might be better than Rimmel. But I'd say Rimmel, it is also cheaper.
Bourjoid hands down. I have used their foundation %26amp; it's great. esp one called Happy Light.

(PS%26gt; Bourjois is from the same company as Chanel)
Hi. I would use Rimmel. I currently use Rimmel and it works perfectly and i am so glad i am using it. Its a great foundation company and it is not to expensive. You should look into buying it.

Hope i helped :)

I love Bourjois, particularly for nail varnish and lippy. I use Rimmel quite a lot as well but Bourjois would be my favourite.
Bourjois definitely. Their foundations are excellent!

I find Rimmel very very greasy/oily and always give me a shiny face.
i love rimmel.
Rimmel is pretty good, although I've never tried Bourjois. Rimmel is cheaper though.

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