Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What do you think of Rimmel Mousse Eyeshadow?

I bought one today, the black one and took it back about an hour later to Boots because it was mush not mousse, the woman said they didn't exchange cosmetics unless they were faulty so I showed her and she agreed, it was liquid defintely not a mousse. So she opened other black ones all the same and so I exchanged it for a more mousse like one called Midnight Blue but still having problems applying it because of the consistency, has anyone else had the same problem and how do you apply it?What do you think of Rimmel Mousse Eyeshadow?

Sounds like the black ones had been stored wrong. They sound as if they melted! Boots can be boiling sometimes in the store so maybe thats why!

I have tried it and i'm not keen on it at all. I ended up throwing mine away. No matter how you apply it, it looks sort of patchy. It doesnt stay put very well either. I didnt like it.

XWhat do you think of Rimmel Mousse Eyeshadow?
i have a mousse rimmel eyeshadow, although mines a light greeny blue color, so it may be different as yours is darker.

mine is also really hard to apply.

take a small brush, and apply a little tiny bit at a time to be sure you arent applying too much at once.

if you have a similar powder color that looks almost the same then i would also use that on the edges to make it look blended.. because it does not blend well at all.
It should be a mousse consistancy if it is soft of liquidy then it is too hot! cool it comewhere or dont use it, i find it too clogging and would go back to good old eyeshadow.

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