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I want to buy Makeup? Which brand is the best Rimmel,Revlon,Mabelline etc you get the idea?

I want to buy Eyeshadows,Eyeliners,Mascara's And a lipstick.I want to buy Makeup? Which brand is the best Rimmel,Revlon,Mabelline etc you get the idea?
eyeshadows-revlon 12 hr

eyeliner-loreal line intensique

mascara- loreal volume shocking

lipstick-chanel rougue allure or maybelline moisture lipstick

foundations/concealers/powders- MAC and napoleon perdisI want to buy Makeup? Which brand is the best Rimmel,Revlon,Mabelline etc you get the idea?
I'm not a big fan of Maybelline, but I like Rimmel and Revlon for lipstick. Max Factor has good mascaras and MAC has the best eyeshadows and eyeliners.
Depends on your colouring and how sensitive your skin is. I have an olive compextion and i find that Revlon is the only foundation that matches my skin. They also have a great range of cream, brown any purple shades of eye shadow, eye liners and lippy which suits my colouring. All brands are pretty good and it just depends on personal choice
For eyeshadows - Rimmel, Revlon, L'Oreal, NYX

For eyeliners - Maybelline, L'Oreal, Revlon

For mascaras - L'Oreal, Max Factor, NYX, Maybelline

For lipsticks - Revlon (make sure the formula is fragrance free %26amp; taste free, avoid Moon Drops formula), Rimmel, Neutrogena
try using bare minerals for foundation it;s pure wont give you zits and doesnt look cakey. mac will make you look cakey if you use their foundation, their eyeshadows are good and mineral skin finish that i love but other than that that's all I use from them.
rimmel for eyeliner

then mac for everything else

physicians formula has good powders

they wont give u zits lyk

maybellines makeup does
I would suggest buying the makeup brand MAC but they mainly sell it at shopping malls and it is a bit more expensive. But the makeup people at Mac do a really good job at helping you pick the right shade of foundations. Like the eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras, they can help you pick a shade and product that goes well with your skin and their eyeliners are really good! They don't ever crack or smudge. I highly recommend their products!
mac %26amp;loreal for whole of the makeup
Mary Kay Cosmetics - ask me for brochures and free sample products
For me Cover Girl is the best it is also enexpensive and there is a skin tone to match yours good luck
The ones u mentioned above r all great. They all do the job really. Max factor is a great one too. Australis is a good one too these days, just don't buy any cheaper brands because they r old and bad for health. Good luck!
They're all top brands. Experiment in the store and see which shades and colours work for you. Ask yourself if you need long lasting foundation or if you're travelling whether you need one of those quick-stop travelling powders. Go shopping with a friend or family member and get a second opinion to help with choosing.
I like covergirl's eyeshadows...

but they test on animals


I'm a huge marykay/avon fan.
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