Saturday, December 5, 2009

What is the coverage of rimmel cool matte mousse like?

the reason why i ask is that currently i use maybelline dream matte mousse but the shade i use is too light for my face and the shade darker is too dark. anyways i have found a shade in another mousse, the rimmel one which seems about perfect but i realli like the full coverage effect that dream matte gives and i was just wondering how much coverage the rimmel one gave before i went and bought it.What is the coverage of rimmel cool matte mousse like?
I would not recommend this product. It clogged my pores like crazy and i broke out. It gives pretty good coverage though..but my skin did not like it at all.

I also did the oil test, and put some on a piece of white paper, and let it sit for a day, and then i put it into the light, and it has SO much oil.

So it gives pretty good coverage, but deff. bad for the skin.What is the coverage of rimmel cool matte mousse like?
it gives a gorgeous matte texture to the skin (and smells nice too!) but i wouldn't really recommend it for anyone who has a lot of spots or blemishes to cover up as its quite see through and can clog around spots.

I use Maxfactor Color Adapt I find it's got good coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin and looks really natural.
the coverage isnt that great, plus bear in mind that the rimmel ';mousse'; is a sort of whipped runny liquid, not at all like the matt mousse maybeline sell.
its good coverage

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