Saturday, December 5, 2009

Does Rimmel London mascaras really work very good?

on youtube the makeup tutorials and reviews usally say they like rimmel london mascaras.

what do you think of them?

i was thinking of maybe buying glam eyes.

but the sexy curves, lycralash, and lash maxx all sound good too.

what do you think(from personal experience)Does Rimmel London mascaras really work very good?
they're okay.

I have tried glam'eyes and it's pretty good, but I think there are better mascaras out there.

DON'T get sexy curves, I tried it and it sucks, and it doesn't even hold a curl even after I used a curler.

If your lashes have problems holding a curl then I wouldn't use rimmel, unless if you get it in waterproof.

check out for more reviews.Does Rimmel London mascaras really work very good?

It makes my lashes CURLY, VOLUMINOUS, and SEXY! :)

I've never tried a mascara that has worked SOO WELL!

As for YouTube, I know xXAllieCosmeticsxX uses Rimmel London Sexy Curves mascara. I've seen other tutorials where they use that mascara, but I can't think of their usernames off the top of my head....

Hope this helps鈥?/a>
Well I only had one of their mascara. It was about a year ago, and it was a comb mascara. Personally I didn't like it and never bought a Rimmel mascara again! But I have heard great things about the sexy curves mascara. It's worth a try! :D

Answer mine?;鈥?/a>
i have it and its junk. it is just a small brush that bends a lot hen you try to apply it so it doesn't really work. Covergirl lash blast extract. the best mascara i've ever used and seen. the brush is huge and it makes your eyes and lashes just pop!
I heard the same thing and I just bought Rimmel London's ';Lash Maxxx'; waterproof mascara. I haven't tested it out yet but it looks promising.

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