Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is my Rimmel Lip Lock supposed to sting?

I brought it yesterday as I can't get hold of the Lip Infinity lipstick I usually get and I thought, hmm, well maybe if it works I can use all those ordinary lipsticks I have from birthdays and Christmas's! lol

But when I brush it on, like it says, it stings like vinegar on a cut for about 5 seconds! Is it supposed to do that?Is my Rimmel Lip Lock supposed to sting?
Yes, I have Rimmel Lip Lock and it stings quite a bit for like 10 seconds... Don't worry!Is my Rimmel Lip Lock supposed to sting?
Probably not. You might be allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the lipstick. Try using something else for a while. If this problem happens with anything else you might want to ask a dermatologist or doctor about it.
Yes, it will initially sting, because it has a cinnamon or capsaicin base that keeps the lipstick long-lasting. But if your lips are chapped, I wouldn't used it until they are smooth again.

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