Saturday, December 5, 2009

What's better make-up, Boots 17 or Rimmel London?

I have to chuck out a load of make-up becaus eit's out of date and I'm wondering where it is better to go to get more. I'm on a bit of budget so I can't spend 拢10 on a mascara etc. Any Help?What's better make-up, Boots 17 or Rimmel London?
Boots 17What's better make-up, Boots 17 or Rimmel London?
if you dont want to spend loads then opt for 17

however natural collection at boots is even cheaper, and is really good quality, i think all of their products are under 拢3

have fun :) personally i would go for both natural collection and 17!
well its up 2 u but me use rimmel london but then it depends on peoples skin types . it suits some people and some people get infected on certain typems of mak- up good luk
Tough one sylvie...wellllll i %26lt;3 boots 17 (spesh concealer) but u knoooo i LURRRRRRRRRRRRRRve the rimmel lipglosses... xxxx p.s. dont forget 2 ask!!!!! xxx
ya dont need her to wear make up

she doesnt want to

youll realize

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