Friday, December 11, 2009

Is Rimmel a good brand for foundation?

Also for like blush, bronzer, etc.? Does it make you break out?Is Rimmel a good brand for foundation?
I think you just need to try it because every ones skin is different. Just because its cheap dont mean its going to be bad, just the same as for exspencive dont mean its better, I have tried Lancome and Estee Lauder and they both made me break out. I now use Clinique foundation because the color is just right and it blends so beautifully. You should check out too they have lots of stuff to look around and try out if you go inside the Sephora store. Good Luck!!Is Rimmel a good brand for foundation?
i use it and i think it is the bes ti have bought yet. but thats my opinion.-others may say it sucks and what not but i have really pale skin and this covers it greatly.
I like covergirl and revlon definately the best two!
neutrogena or Bare minerals.
not particularly

no7 is better quality
I'm not a fan of rimmel

try revlon
nah only there eyeleiner nd lipstick iz good

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