Friday, December 11, 2009

What is the quality of Rimmel London makeup?

Their eyeliner and mascara?

Recommend any?

%26amp;%26amp; do they sell it at Walmart?What is the quality of Rimmel London makeup?
it is personally my favorite makeup line from the drugstore. the eyeliner works fantastic, ecspecially the black khol pencil. the only mascara i would reccomend is the extra super lash. it works really well and as long as you use an eye primer underneath then it doesnt clump. What is the quality of Rimmel London makeup?
Not worth it at all. First responder has it all wrong, Maybelline is much better in quality. Rimmel London makeup is terrible. The eyeshadows actually gave me an allergic reaction a few yrs ago and made my eyelids swell up.

If you are looking for a cheaper makeup line, try Maybelline or Covergirl for mascaras and NYC or Wet n wild for eyeliners-both sold at Walmart.
Fair. The eyeliner works well, haven't tried the mascara. But as long as you're not looking for waterproof, most eyeliners are ok.
I find rimmel very overated... not sure if they sell it in wallmart as im in the uk..... if its on the expensive side, id give it a miss... i dont find their products woth the money...
It's ok. It's a mid range make up line.

It's around the same quality as Maybelline.

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