Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What do you think of Rimmel 16 hour mousse foundation?

If you have ever used it,do you like it?And also what color do you think I should use?My color in Covergirl foundation is creamy beige.Thanks Lots :)What do you think of Rimmel 16 hour mousse foundation?
I haven't used it and don't plan to ever because Rimmel Foundations aren't usually that great but I do use some of their eyeshadows, mascara and eyeliners. I suggest going to which is free to join and there are a alot of reviews on different products.What do you think of Rimmel 16 hour mousse foundation?
this foundation isnt the best..

but try the rimmel 16 hour lasting finish! i have just started using it lately and i love it. i am really picky about foundations and for the price this one is really nice. it has the perfect shade for me and it covers well, without feeling heavy or being cakey, like the mousse can get.

i have somewhat oily skin, and it still looks great without touch ups for quite a bit. if you want to top it with a pouder, try rimmel stay matte, its really smooth and can help decrease shine too.

i used to buy expensive makeup from the department stores, but then i discovered rimmel. love it.
I Got Rimmel 16 Hour Mousse Foundation a week ago and i just simply stoped using it. it isnt as good as the other ones i have used. it leaves my skin with an un-even tone and makes me break out bad. Dont get it, Get a better foundation.

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