Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is the best Rimmel London Mascara?

I want to try out the Rimmel London Mascara. Any suggestions on which one is best ?

I have short, thin, lashes and i want it to add volume %26amp; length.

Please lemme know thanks.What is the best Rimmel London Mascara?
Lash Maxx is the best

mark kWhat is the best Rimmel London Mascara?
I use glam eyes all the time, its very cheap and works wonderfully. There is also a waterproof version, which is a bit dearer, i havent tried it myself though. It has a brilliant brush, and it lasts long
Go for either Lash Maxx or Glam Eyes. Either one of those will make yours lashes longer, curlier and thicker. I love Lash Maxx the most because the comb is more effective at adding curl.

the eye magnifer workks goood =) holds a curll too.

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