Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When are Rimmel going to stop testing on animals?

Is Rimmel going to stop testing on animals any time soon, because i want to start buying it again?When are Rimmel going to stop testing on animals?
I was sad to hear that to. They will HAVE to stop testing COMPLETELY within the next four years. The U.K. passed a law last year that says all beauty industries most halt animal testing within 5 years.

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I do not remember the exact sites, their were several that I know of, so I will find some new links for you. This article

differs from what I have read. I hope this helps! Apparently their was already a law, but it only applied to Britain made makeup and it was full of loopholes.;q=U.K鈥?/a>When are Rimmel going to stop testing on animals?
Why don't you ask Rimmel? Pose the question to them and make them accountable to YOU the customer to provide you with proof of whether they are or aren't testing on animals.

We are the ones with the power.....we have money to keep them in business; they want our money. I did not know Rimmel conducted animal testing, but I will do my own research and make my own decisions on whether I continue to support their brand.

Being fully informed is key and knowing that you have the power to determine a company's success or not with your buying power.
yes they do test on animals, it has been confirmed by both BUAV and PETA. you can see a list of companies that DO test their products on animals here:鈥?/a> as you can see Rimmel have refused to verify and prove to PETA that they don't test on animals so cannot be put on the ';do not test'; list so in other words BEWARE! if you were a true animal lover then you would continue to boycott until they confirm that they are no longer testing their product ingredients nor final finished products on animals now or in the future.
They don't. COTY, who own rimmel have confirmed to many famous makeup artists they dont.
They test on animals!!?? =O

How did you find this out..?

Oh no, they are my favourite brand..I may stop using their products.
what!!!! oh my god, i wont be buying any products from they any time soon, i hate animal testing. Where is your evidence for this??
OMG I dont know but i never knew that they tested on animals OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
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