Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is the best kind of Rimmel mascara?

I want to try a new mascara just for fun %26amp; ive heard alot of good things about Rimmel. Theres just too many to choose from!What is the best kind of Rimmel mascara?
Rimmel Lash MAXXX in the pink and black tube. super awesome! i love it! it even give lashes slightly more lift and color. lots of dark black color, makes lashes a lot longer. if u want volume dont get this, cuz it gives enough volume, but not like crazy volume. best mascara i have tried so far. ive heard loreal telesopic is great and covergirl lashblast

hope i hlpd :]What is the best kind of Rimmel mascara?
Rimmel Glam'Eyes. %26amp; the tube is soooo pretty :]] It is true that they smudge, but only if you constantly rub your eyes. It's easy to remove too. Hope I helped.
rimmel mascara isn't very good.

if you want a new mascara try 'bonjour paris' 'yes to volume, no to clumps' its in a pink and black tube and works wanders!
Rimmel cosmetics suck...Trust me they smudge to much...I recommend you Loreal Telescopic or Maybelline's Great Lash...for no clumps...just dont let it dry between coats =]
Lash Maxx is great!!
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