Thursday, June 24, 2010

Which rimmel mascara is the best?

Which mascara from rimmel is the best?

(non clumping)


which is better- rimmel or covergirl?

thanks!Which rimmel mascara is the best?
i think that rimmel is better than covergirl.

the mascara i use is lash maxxx.

its not too expensive (about 6 or 7 dollars) and never clumps.

also, i have only medium length lashes and this gets them long :)

my friend also uses rimmel but she buys extra super lash, which she loves :)Which rimmel mascara is the best?
In regards to non clumping I would actually suggest going with Cover Girl instead as their brushes tend to be the best in delivery a truly clump free look. However, if Rimmel is your favourite, I personally really like their volume flash mascara. If you wipe off excess mascara from the wand you do get a nicer finish.
covergirl. rimmel is rubbish.

how much is mascara like 10quid ?

well the best mascara you can buy is Diorshow Blackout

which is 20, why not buy that , it will last twice as long as crap mascara and will actually give you long gorgeous celebrity style eyelashes. well worth it. an investment.
Rimmel has a new 'whipped' mascara that is pretty nice.

Covergirl's Lash Blast is also a good mascara, that doesn't clump and seperates lashes well.

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